Shamokin Area High School

Lower Northumberland HS Directors

January 28-30, 2021





Achieved is Thy Glorious Work" (from The Creation) SATB Joseph Haydn
Key: Ab (original key is Bb)
Quarter Note = 88

     **There are 2 errors that we are aware of:

          Mm 23 Alto:  misprinted "hgih" should be "high"

          Mm 44 Alto:  Beat 1 Alto should sing 1st line "E flat" not the printed "G".

            ***A printed note at the beginning of the Alto system for each of those errors.

             2020/2021 Piano Acceptance Audition Music for District Chorus


Laudate Dominum                Mozart                   Lawson Gould

Neighbor’s Chorus                 Offenbach              Broude Bros.

Porgy and Bess (selections)  Gershwin/Lojeski  Warner Bros. #WBCM93244