Knoebel's Music Advocacy Day 2022

Our annual PMEA District 8 Music Advocacy Day at Knoebels Amusement Resort has been canceled for the 2021 year.  


PMEA District 8 and Knoebels are committed to selecting a date in May 2022 which will work best for maximum D8 participation.


In general, the following needs must be met for this day to be successful.


1.  We need a date in May, or weekend where may schools are uncommitted to community or home events.  Traditionally, we have found the 3rd weekend to be the best.  Please send us your feedback if you have any thoughts on this.


2.  Thanks to Bernie Stellar and the Mount Carmel HS Band who will fill the needs formerly provided by Geoff Harman, and the Hughesville HS Music Department. .


3.  Finally, we need the willingness of you, as directors, and your students, to participate and help us advertise our organization, but more importantly, display the wonder music education programs which are happening in the north/central PA area.  In the past we have had concert bands, choirs, small ensembles and jazz bands from high school age through elementary age perform.  Think outside the there a unique ensemble you or we as a district could display this day?  As Jazz Festival Chair, I hope to discuss any of the 4 District Jazz Ensembles performing for a second time next spring at this event.


For those who are not familiar, Knoebels offers a discounted all day ride pass to all participants.  Please consider this wonderful experience to promote music education as you plan your 2020-2021 calendar


Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you!


Ron Wasser

PMEA District Jazz Chairperson