Knoebel's Music Advocacy Day 2023

PMEA District 8 would like to re-establish an advocacy day where schools groups of various sizes and performance mediums, would come together to put on a day-long concert.  We have been fortunate, prior to COVID, to work with Knoebels Amusement Park in selecting a date in May of each year to perform at the stage. Pass practice, Knoebels has offered a discounted ride pass to all performing members.  We assume this would continue however dialogue for the potential 2023 spring date has not begun. 


Prior to connecting with Knoebels this fall and beginning our discussion, I have put a link to a survey in order to solicit potential (not binding) interest in participating for a day in the spring of 2023.  Would you please give it some thought and take a few moments to complete this survey with us so we can best service the faculty and students of PMEA District 8 schools in bringing such a wonderful event back into existence.


I would appreciate responses by September 16th.

Please contact me with any questions.  Thank you and have a great beginning to an equally great school year.


Ron Wasser

PMEA District Jazz Chairperson