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a message from the
Ryan Bulgarelli

District 8 Colleagues,

     I am honored, humbled and excited to have the privilege of serving you all as your new PMEA D8 President. Over the last eight years, I have witnessed firsthand your commitment to your students, programs, districts, and communities. I look forward to collaborating with you to continue to build upon the great traditions within District 8 and explore new and exciting opportunities for all of our students and educators!


     Before diving into the 2021-22 year, I wanted to first take the time to thank our Immediate Past-President Kevin Haile for his leadership over the past two years. It goes without saying that everyone within District 8 faced unique and unprecedented challenges over the past two years. I know that we are all incredibly thankful for Kevin's leadership, along with the work and coordination of our entire PMEA District 8 Board, to provide our students with the best possible experience. We all cannot thank you enough, and I look forward to working with you all to continue the great work here in District 8. 

     During the next two years, I hope to continue to build upon the traditions of excellence within our community and expand upon the vision set forth by our member teachers. Some of my goals for our continued growth and development include:


     - Working with the D8 Executive Board and to continue to provide meaningful professional development     

          opportunities for every teacher within our District; 

     - Advancing communication among teachers within our District and collaborating with our County

         Representatives to create an updated database of all music teachers within our District and a calendar of

         concert and performance dates within all D8 member schools;

     - Continuing to include and involve our retired educator colleagues and collegiate music educators in professional

         development, festivals, and audition days;

     - Advancing the vision of our Fest and Festival Coordinators and Festival Hosts to provide significant musical

         experiences for the students of District 8, including a return to in-person festival experiences;

     - Supporting your home districts with my personal attendance and advocacy. It is my goal to support a musical

         performance in every school district within our District throughout my service as president;

     - Continuing to support all aspects and facets of our members' wellness through our combined music making,

         professional development, and camaraderie. 

     More than anything, I appreciate your time and service to our students within PMEA District 8. I am eagerly anticipating the work that we will all be able to achieve together. Should you have any ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions, know that I am ready to listen at any time. I'm looking forward to a fantastic 2021-2022 PMEA year. THANK YOU for making PMEA D8 GREAT!

All my best,
Ryan Bulgarelli

PMEA District 8 President

Loyalsock Township School District

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