a message from the


Kevin Haile

Dear Friends and Colleagues in Music Education,


Welcome back to school.


We’ve all begun what is likely to be one of our most challenging years of teaching. We’re simultaneously meeting the needs of students directly in front of us, behind masks and face shields, while also teaching to students at home. While minding the

myriad of safety procedures our schools have in place, we still bring our fervor for the arts to school every day.


The 2020-21 school year will be one for the memory books. We have the opportunity to try new methods or projects we never thought of before because now we have to. The challenge presented to us is an opportunity to show the strengths of creative

people, like we all are.


Please know that your District 8 Officers are working hard to ensure students have the opportunity to share unique musical experiences with other students this school year. Yes, it will be very different from every other year, but this does not mean it

has to be less rewarding. We need to make sure we are looking at our new obstacles as new chances to succeed rather than

more reasons to throw in the towel.


As we navigate the planning process for virtual District Festivals and Fests, please do not hesitate to send suggestions or ideas

to me (pmea8president@gmail.com) or any of the festival coordinators. Your outside-the-box thinking will be greatly



Wishing you all the very best in all things, especially luck and health.


Kevin G. Haile

PMEA District 8 President